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24 Text Icons: 10 Grey's Anatomy Quotes, 2 Harry Potter Quotes, 10 Asian Smileys, 2 ALIAS Quotes

24 Icons

10 Grey's Anatomy Quotes
2 Harry Potter Quotes
10 Asian Smileys
2 ALIAS Quotes


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A B C D E F G...Collapse )

Thanks to Katherine for the inspiration. :)

Comment, Credit, and things like so please :).
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Lovely, snagging 10 with the rest of the crowd.
Took #10. thanks! :) Love that quote.
I didn't know XD and XP were "asian" smileys. XP
These are great. Taking #10. thanks. will credit when use.
these are amazing!
thanks darling!
saved a few, will credit.
Snagged 2, 6, & 10--thankies. ^_^
P.S. And I forgot to say that of course I will credit with use. ;]
These are great snagged up 4 and 9. Thanks!
LMAO! Nabbed two asian smilies! ^_^
took two greys. these make chem homework like a million times better. thanks so much man.
took 10 from the GA ones, like everyone else.
Like the style you have there. More GA quote icons? :D
swiped #11. thanks!! :)
These are great!

Snaggin #1 & 7. Will credit. Thanks!
Snagged 4 and 10. These rock!
took #8. thx will credit.
I like them all!! I'm taking 3, 6 and 10...
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